Other Gourmet Desserts

  Pumpkin Roll
Spongy pumpkin dough is sprinkled with walnuts, then layered in cream cheese and assembled as jelly-roll . Seasonal for October and December.
10" 10-12 slices $26.00

  Layered Pumpkin Mousse Pie
Pumpkin mousse with walnuts is layered with whipped cream in a walnut crust. Formed in a cheesecake pan for added depth. This is a wonderful departure from tradition for your Thanksgiving dinner. Available November only.
10" 12-16 slices $35.00

  Deep Dish Apple Pie
A short pastry crust filled with Granny Smith apples topped with oatmeal crumb topping.
14-18 slices $36.00 

Pecan Tart
Eat your fiber and love it!
11" 10-12 slices $32.00

Cafe Cakes
12 servings ready for last minute needs. Call about our daily selection.
Priced from $40.00 - $46.00
Fresh Flower Decorations
Add $10.00

Dried Plum and Cheese Tart
Crisp crust with a smooth cream cheese, almond, and dried plum filling. A wonderful blend of tastes textures for those who do not want the heaviness or richness of cheesecake. Fall season only.
11" 10-12 slices $24.00

Coconut Cream Roulade
A chewy coconut roll inspired by a Portuguese recipe is filled with tiramisu filling, rolled and dusted with powdered sugar. Its various flavors and textures make this special.
16-18 slices $26.00
Seasonal berries may be added to the filling add $10.00

Derby Pie
Rich chocolate, pecan, and bourbon pie.
14-18 slices $40.00

Apple Galettes
An individual, rustic apple pie. Served with caramel sauce.
Serves one $5.50 each



Our Basic Cheesecake

A graham cracker crust filled with a rich, creamy cheesecake, and covered with a sour cream topping.
10" 14-16 slices $38.00

Cheesecake Variations

White Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate-Chocolate Chip
Turtle Cheesecake
Carrot Cheesecake
   This demands an explanation.
   Our famous carrot cake forms the base.
    It is covered with cheesecake and topped
   with caramel pecan.
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Raspberry-Grand Marnier
Bailey's Irish Cream
Ask if you want a flavor that you don't see listed here!

10" 14-16 slices $40.00