Gourmet Layer Cakes

We encourage you to put together combinations that suit your specific tastes. Of course, a knowledgeable employee will also be available to provide recommendations of popular combinations or his/her own personal preference. All of our cakes are four layers unless otherwise noted. Following is a list of Cakes, Fillings, and Frostings.

White Wedding Cake
You don't have to get married to order this one. Wonderful in its simple taste and fine texture, it works equally well with all fruit fillings. We recommend that you add a filling, however, because our rich frosting tastes like ice cream.

Citrus Pound Cake
Almond paste and the zest of lemons and oranges make this a fine textured cake with subtle nuances. Yet none is over-powering. During berry season, we suggest a citrus cream filling sprinkled with fresh berries and then iced in vanilla buttercream. (One client loves this cake filled with raspberry cream and iced in a chocolate truffle frosting.)

Chocolate Buttermilk Cake
What we refer to as our milk chocolate cake. It is dense and moist, and complements a strawberry or raspberry cream filling when iced in vanilla buttercream.

Fudge Cake
Our most basic chocolate cake. It lends itself well to a number of fillings: strawberry cream, raspberry cream; a combination of hazelnut and white chocolate mousse; a combination of dark chocolate mousse and whipped cream; or even cappuccino cream.

Chocolate Cranberry Cake
Our most popular chocolate cake. Moist, fudgy, with an addition of finely chopped cranberries that add a certain amount of tartness and intensify the chocolate richness. Why not join the loyal following and have it filled with raspberry cream?

French Chocolate Cake
Finely ground almonds and rum set this cake apart from the others. We recommend tiramisu filling and a chocolate truffle frosting.

Hazelnut Genoise
A delicious sponge cake with the flavor and texture of hazelnuts. For dedicated hazelnut lovers try it filled with whipped cream and frosted in a chocolate truffle frosting. Otherwise, fill it with cappuccino cream or raspberry cream. Although this appears to be flourless this cake actually contains a small amount of bread crumbs.

Carrot Cake
People recognize our carrot cake because it's moist, dense and filled with a smooth butter pecan filling and iced in cream cheese frosting.

Banana Cake
A family favorite. Ripened bananas and oatmeal comprise the basis of this cake. Imagine getting your fiber in such an enjoyable and tasty way. This is best filled with a chocolate chunk-butter pecan filling and iced in cream cheese frosting.

Our cakes are priced at approximately $2.80 per serving. See the list below for the size that suits your need.

Cake Size Servings Price Flowers Seasonal Fruit
6" 4-6 $28.00 $6.00 $5.00
8" 15-18 $42.00 $10.00 $8.00
9" 20-24 $56.00 $15.00 $10.00
10" 30-36 $84.00 $18.00 $15.00
12" 40-48 $112.00 $20.00 $18.00
14" 50-60 $140.00 $25.00 $20.00
16" 85-95 $238.00 $30.00 $25.00

Larger diameter cakes are also available. Tiered cakes average $4.00 per serving or $5.00 square. Decorations are an extra fee.

Two layer half-sheet cakes are available in the above combinations. Half-sheets will provide 35-40 servings, and are $90.00 each. Fresh flowers are $15.00 and writing is available on all cakes at $.50 per word.

We want our cake to have the best possible taste. Therefore, we use no dyes or preservatives in our cakes and frostings. They are not only unnecessary, but also detract from the taste of your cake.

Generally we prefer to decorate with fresh flowers and ribbon where colors, shapes, and textures come naturally. If fresh flowers don't fit the occasion, we will willingly work with props, toys, and other decorations provided that you bring them to us two weeks before you need your cake.


Layer Cake Fillings
Fruit Cream
Pureed fresh fruit and 40% whipping cream are folded together to add tartness, flavor, and a lighter texture. Raspberry, strawberry, banana, or apricot (in season - June and July), or citrus (lemon, lime, or orange - all made with fresh fruits).

White Chocolate Mousse
Dense, creamy, and rich. Add $.50 per serving.

Dark Chocolate Mousse
Dense, creamy, and rich. Flavored with rum. Add $.50 per serving.

Hazelnut Mousse
The subtle flavor of toasted hazelnuts.

Cappuccino Cream
Coffee with a hint of cinnamon.

Butter Pecan
A creamy caramel loaded with pecans.

Tirami su
Cream cheese, rum and whipped cream. You'll love it!

Layer Cake Frostings
I remember visiting an ice cream shop in Belgium that offered only two flavors - chocolate and vanilla. They were premium quality. Having tried them I saw no reason to want anything else. I think you'll feel the same about our frostings. 

Vanilla Buttercream
Most people tell me that this tastes like a premium ice cream. Simple and wonderful.

Chocolate Buttercream
The chocolate version - we add truffle filling to make this a pale chocolate color but a rich chocolate taste. 

Our chocolate truffle frosting. Rich and smooth as satin. Add $.75 per serving. 

Cream Cheese
Recommended only with certain cakes where the tang of cream cheese is a welcome addition.