The Fresh Fruit Dessert Menu

Pear Tart
Butter cookie crust and fresh pears in a sour cream custard; also great with blackberries, apricots, or apples. Blackberry or apricot available in season.
11" 8-10 slices $28.00

Caramel-Apple Tart
We add a layer of caramel.
11" 8-10 slices $31.00

Blueberry Butter or Raspberry Butter Cake
A deep butter cake made with fresh blueberries or raspberries when in season. Blueberries are best in June or July.
10" 9-12 slices $23.00
With fresh raspberries $28.00
4" minimum order of six $4.00 each

Apple Nut Cake
A hearty moist cake made with fresh apples, pecans, and cream cheese icing.
12-15 slices $33.00

Tart Au Citron
A butter cookie crust with a delightfully tart, simple lemon filling and a sprinkling of diced apples.
11" 10-12 slices $24.00

Lemon Cream Tart
A butter cookie crust filled with a lighter version of lemon curd.
11" 10-12 slices $24.00

Lime-Blueberry Tart
A seasonal favorite; a baked lime custard is topped with blueberries cooked in their own syrup. A must in June when blueberries are plump and fresh.
11" $30.00

Dream Tart
The subtle taste of coffee and chocolate are blended together in this butter crust. Inside a layer of white chocolate mousse is topped with a light orange cream. Sure to evoke childhood memories of a refreshing Dreamsicle. A mocha crust is our addition.
11" 10-12 slices $30.00

Raspberry Dream Tart
Same as above with fresh raspberry cream replacing the orange cream.
11" 10-12 slices $32.00