The Brunch Menu

French Apple Cake
Upside-down butter cake topped with tart apples, cinnamon and sugar. Also good with peaches when in season, June and July.
10" 8-10 slices $20.00
Peach 10" 8-10 slices $23.00

Blueberry Butter or Raspberry Butter Cake
A deep butter pound cake made with fresh blueberries or raspberries. Simple, but wonderful. I can't stop eating it!
Blueberry season, June 10" 9-12 slices $23.00
With fresh raspberries 10" 9-12 slices $28.00
Minimum order of six 4" $4.00 each  

Nut Stollen
A prized family recipe; A yeast dough is brushed with a honey and butter mixture. A pecan filling flavored with cinnamon is then rolled inside. Great as a gift or on a brunch table.
10-12 slices $21.00

Minimum order of twelve.
Raspberry or blueberry $1.50 each
Lemon-sweet & tart, moist and dense $1.50 each
Other seasonal variations (such as Blackberry, Peach, Cherry) market price
Miniature versions of our muffins also available-
Minimum order of thirty $.60 each

My Irish heritage and my travel to Ireland make these a personal favorite. Biscuits enriched with both butter and cream.
$1.50 each
Call for seasonal varieties. Minimum order of six $1.75 each